My Kind of Heart Attack

If I can help make anyone smarter, healthier, safer, and laugh at the same time, I’m all in! February is American Hearth Month.

Be good to your heart and never stop celebrating the joys of Valentine’s Day!

IMG_0443My Valentine surprised me with flowers and DARK CHOCOLATE (healthy heart treats!) from Trader Joe’s, Woot!!! I thank God for loving me through my sweet, thoughtful husband. The Lord is constantly lavishing me with much undeserved grace. Seriously, on our very tight, economic recovery budget, how can I not feel like a rich girl?

I couldn’t resist making this 2013 Valentine scrapbook with captures of the day’s festivities, postings from my loved ones, and some vintage favorites.

Tristan Valentine - Version 2I have to start with the man of the hour. My grand baby boy who turned 5 months old even has a name that spells heartbreaker! This adorable babe is my Armorcito and we just want to eat him up!!!

Next is our princess who went on a special Valentine dinner date with her Daddy at Ocean Zen, (very swanky for a four-year-old), in Springfield, MO. Mommy got her all dressed up and ready to go!Munchee Valentine Of course, Daddy bought her a rose for their date. This pearl of a girl was super excited! Want to raise a daughter with great self esteem? This is how you do it Daddies!

Next is a vintage photo that looks like an old romantic movie of their parents (my daughter and son-in-law). I can hear Michael Buble singing Everything in the background. They were newlyweds when this was taken.Mija Mark

Now here’s the girl who has everyone rolling on the floor with her adorable antics. She’s 14 months old and she may take over the White House one day  with her cousin (above). At the rate they’re stealing hearts with irrepressible intelligence and charm, I can see it. Our precious baby girl enjoys swings, organic treats, and cries when Daddy leaves for work. She’s fast on her feet, says “Oh Wow!,” and always has a big smile. CelesteYou can see her intense little thought process at work all the time!

Her beautiful brother, is well…a model boy. Sweet, gorgeous, imaginative, very spiritual, well mannered, a Jedi in the making, and also insists on organic fare. Noah His Mommy and Daddy (my son and daughter-in-law) are pictured below in a very carefully and secretively planned moment where he serenaded her with an original song and asked him to be his girlfriend about 11 years ago. I’m thrilled she said yes to that and to his marriage proposal about 9 years ago. Both my son and daughter married rare gems!

Mijo Priscilla Valentine

I met my magnificent hubby when I was in my 40’s, so never lose hope in the fairy tale ladies! 26686_402254223172_578623172_4554931_3928711_nAs a single mom, this is the guy I always wanted for my kids and I. I prayed for them to have a great role model in their lives and even though my children were grown-up when we got married, he was perfect. He is also the best gift for our little ones. He is over the moon for them and they know it and love it. God is always on time! Putting him in the driver’s seat made all the difference and, unlike me, the Lord truly knows how to pick ’em.

Next is a favorite photo of a very special, really cute couple: the Great Grandparents to our babies, that we are blessed beyond measure to have. My Mom is such a beauty inside and out and Great Grandpa is one funny, big hearted guy.

Cruise Best Mom & Rudy copy

And, though I don’t get to see enough of him and his lovely wife, I like this photo of my Dad sitting here with my amazing sisters, me, my brother-in-law, and my clever, younger brother (right front).


Many people say, “Who will show us better times?”Let your face smile on us, Lord. – Psalm  4:6  You have given me greater joy than any person of power or riches. You always will! My peace is the love between us Lord! Your arms cradle me through my dreams.


About Light Stream

Casandra Moreno Lombera is an author, blogger, and Emmy nominated television producer who grew up in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver communities. In junior high school, she promised her single mother that she would get straight A’s in order to graduate early and help her relocate to Aurora, Colorado. She did… and though women and Latinas were scarcely visible in television, she dreamed of a future in broadcast journalism. From an early age, Casandra wanted children and loved to write. She began her career in television (writing and reporting on camera) at the age of 18. She also began raising two very successful children as a single mom. Throughout her career, she became an award winning, television producer/program creator (receiving both the Imagen and Golden Eagle Awards); was executive producer of both public affairs and children’s programming at KWHY-TV, Channel 22; and worked on camera hosting public affairs talk shows for many years. More distinctive opportunities came her way, however her desire to write children’s books and to blaze new trails in the publishing world became irrepressible. Her dreams today focus on empowering youth, writing (particularly about God’s love for them), and raising money for the impoverished through organizations like Hope Worldwide Throughout her life, she has been passionate about hands-on giving to the community and has received many forms of appreciation (including a congressional commendation) for her efforts. She has served on several boards including Communications Bridge Institute, training disadvantaged youth in television production; St. Anne’s, building futures for at risk teens and unwed mothers; HOPE, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality; the American Diabetes Association fund raising committee; and the Consumer Advisory Committee for the California Contractors State Licensing Board. Casandra is also a recipient of La Opinion’s 2012 Mujeres Destacadas (Exceptional Women) Award. She is completely smitten with her husband, two children, and four grand babies who inspired Light Riders. Follow her @casandratweets and @Lightersbook on Twitter. Her blog is at Direct Contact:
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10 Responses to My Kind of Heart Attack

  1. JU SO FONII!!! And so Blessed. The commercial was hysterical thanks for sharing, but the giving of gratitude- thanks even more for sharing THAT. BB2U

    • Gracias Sonia! I’m so glad you saw and liked the commercial because it is so important that we take care of our hearts! And because you’re an abuelita too, I know you understand my gratitude! Thank you for commenting – Besos Y Abrazos Amiga!

  2. Enjoyed this very much, Alpha Girl!

  3. Priscilla says:

    We love you so much!

  4. John Briggs says:

    So many beautiful people all in one blog! Cassandra, your family continues to grow, to multiply, and to spread warmth and love across the globe! Our love to you all!
    John (your other brother)

  5. Laura says:

    Wonderful Casi! Love you!!! xoxo

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