Now I’m What? Oh Yeah, Free Falling!

Welcome to She Went There.

Where did she go?  Where on Earth is “there?”

Where her fears couldn’t stop her …so anywhere she dared.

Because life can be delicious, adventurous, or scary;

still we find hidden treasures in the choices we ferry.

I must dig a little deeper to unmask or reveal,

something exciting, useful, soulful, or just a great shopping deal!

There’s so much to tackle, to navigate, and share,

while we tear down old fences and become more aware!

I’ll point you to places I was grateful to find,

and if something’s amiss, well then I’ll speak my mind.

That’s how this new blog got a fun name to wear,

“Oh no she didn’t…” “Oh yeah, She Went There.”

Looking forward to sharing great finds and personal experiences with you!

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Today, I want to serve up  some timely interests:

1. Since I love to write, I came across a contest sponsored by Xulon.  I’m not endorsing Xulon, I’m just interested in them because I’m looking to self publish a children’s book series soon.  If you’d like to try your hand at up to 700 words in their 2010 Christian Choice Writing Contest, the winner will receive their Elite publishing package free (they say is valued at over $6K).  Submission Deadline is November 30, 2010.

I would love to hear if you decide to go for it!

2. I just posted this Recipe on Facebook for healthy holiday fare:

Yummy Foot Stompin’ Artichoke Chicken


8-9 pieces of frozen Chicken Tenders (I prefer organic)

1 jar of Artichokes with stems – 14.06 oz (I look for the ones that are in a water base instead of oil)

FRESH Green Beans / about 30 pieces – organic of course – snip off ends and wash

Grape Seed Oil – more than enough to cover the bottom of your pan

Sea Salt – never table salt

Ground Garlic

Cooking Instructions:

I use a cast iron pan.  No teflon.

Heat grape seed oil in pan starting at a medium low temp. so it won’t spatter when you add the chicken.

Arrange chicken tenders into the heated/oiled pan.

Season chicken with sea salt and then ground garlic in the pan.

Cover for 2-3 minutes.  Turn the tenders over and season with sea salt and garlic.

Increase heat to medium and cover for 3 minutes.

Add the entire jar of artichokes.  I cut each one in half and distribute over the chicken.

Add about half the liquid from the artichoke jar pouring it over the tenders. Increase heat to med/high.

Cover for about 3 minutes.  Turn chicken tenders which should be browning a little. Cook for a couple more minutes if they’re not.

Add the green beans on top of everything.  Cover, keep heat on medium low.  The green beans will be steaming  and come back in about 6 minutes to check chicken and green beans for tenderness. Keep steaming and check every 5 minutes until ready.  Chicken will be easy to cut when it’s ready.  I like my green beans very soft.

I cover my pan with a large piece of foil instead of a lid but a lid is great too.  It is sooooooo easy and you can’t mess it up : )  Feeds up to 3 people so add more if you’re serving 4 with big appetites LOL.

Chicken and everything comes out tender and super flavorful.  A very healthy meal.  Green beans are rich in vitamins K & C.  Artichokes are high in vitamin C and magnesium.

Goes great with mashed potatoes or baked; cooked and cold beets; and fettucini alfredo.

A great meal to take to friends houses.

God bless your kitchen and tummies always.*¨`*•.♥

3. Entertainment

The 4 movies I’d like to see in the near future are “Unstoppable;” “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows;” “Red;” and “Narnia: the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”

Wishing you all the Happiest Holidays and Saluting Our Troops with Blessings and Love!

Casandra Moreno Lombera


About Light Stream

Casandra Moreno Lombera is an author, blogger, and Emmy nominated television producer who grew up in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver communities. In junior high school, she promised her single mother that she would get straight A’s in order to graduate early and help her relocate to Aurora, Colorado. She did… and though women and Latinas were scarcely visible in television, she dreamed of a future in broadcast journalism. From an early age, Casandra wanted children and loved to write. She began her career in television (writing and reporting on camera) at the age of 18. She also began raising two very successful children as a single mom. Throughout her career, she became an award winning, television producer/program creator (receiving both the Imagen and Golden Eagle Awards); was executive producer of both public affairs and children’s programming at KWHY-TV, Channel 22; and worked on camera hosting public affairs talk shows for many years. More distinctive opportunities came her way, however her desire to write children’s books and to blaze new trails in the publishing world became irrepressible. Her dreams today focus on empowering youth, writing (particularly about God’s love for them), and raising money for the impoverished through organizations like Hope Worldwide Throughout her life, she has been passionate about hands-on giving to the community and has received many forms of appreciation (including a congressional commendation) for her efforts. She has served on several boards including Communications Bridge Institute, training disadvantaged youth in television production; St. Anne’s, building futures for at risk teens and unwed mothers; HOPE, Hispanas Organized for Political Equality; the American Diabetes Association fund raising committee; and the Consumer Advisory Committee for the California Contractors State Licensing Board. Casandra is also a recipient of La Opinion’s 2012 Mujeres Destacadas (Exceptional Women) Award. She is completely smitten with her husband, two children, and four grand babies who inspired Light Riders. Follow her @casandratweets and @Lightersbook on Twitter. Her blog is at Direct Contact:
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2 Responses to Now I’m What? Oh Yeah, Free Falling!

  1. Mary J Wardell says:

    These are beautiful and interesting blogs – commentary about people and how they live with a mix of entertainment, current affairs and personal gratitude reflection. Your writing style is engaging for the reader which is paramount to invoke the greatest possible impact for that individual. Beautiful writing Casandra.
    Love you,


    • You are so wonderful to have read my posts and subscribed to my blog my beloved Sis!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the praise and constructive criticism too!! I will definitely work harder on the typos : ) I realized after I don’t know how many posts that I wasn’t on top of it and I felt completely embarrassed. I’ll go check Patriot Games’ and correct it. For the purpose of demographic analytics, can you tell me which post was most to your liking? This will help me learn more about my readers. Once again, you have blessed me more than you can imagine!

      Love You!,


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